My Pessimistic view of Politics


By Atilade Atoyebi

In politics, the more you look, the less you see. It is abracadabra. Politicians behave like illusionists that we watch in live performance or on television. The only difference between the two of them, politicians and magicsians is that most individuals in the crowd or part of the TV audience watching magicians know what they are in for. They will find the magician’s tricks to be difficult to decode, even by the most curious and watchful members of the audience. Politicians are a step ahead. They play their games overtly and covertly and at every step you may not have an idea of what a politician stands for and what exactly is the message he is conveying to the people. You can feel their pulse; but you can reach the depth of their hearts.

It is in politics that truth perpetually chases falsehood and outright propaganda.. It is a social malaise where intrigues tower over fair deal. Promises are not sacrosanct. Double speaking is a ritual.  The benevolent ones among them can’t always survive in the game. Where is the abode of orruption? This is not a JAMB question. Isn’t it a token for the people, lion share for the treasurers? Honourable acts are rare. Yet most politicians, especially in our own clime crave to have the word, ‘Hon.’ as prefix to their names.

But politicians, not magicians that direct the collective affairs of all of us. That is why we should be concerned about their stock in trade which leaves all of us in one static position—no pass, no fail; no leave, no transfer. Many of them are largely truculent, seriously! May God help us!

Written by Atilade Atoyebi