About Us

Current Nigeria as the name implies is dedicated to providing current non-partisan news information about Nigeria, Nigeria in Africa, Nigeria in the world and on events happening elsewhere that may bear relevance to Nigeria. Essentially, it will at the beginning host a blog by Atilade Atoyebi on topical issues about Nigeria and his blog may be subjected to tests of accuracy, depth of information and fairness to all parties concerned. He brings to the blog, his over 40 year-experience as a writer on current affairs for Radio Nigeria, Africa’s largest radio network and as a one-time columnist with Sunday Times of Nigeria.

Current Nigeria has a business side of it. It will be the contact point of choice to reach experts in establishment of new radio stations, management of new radio stations as well as the existing ones. The services here will include head-hunting for radio presenters and producers. We shall be available to assist radio stations with programme schedules with the station ‘personality’ in mind. Avenues for broadcast media training will equally be provided on this site.

This will be the site to use to gain insight into broadcasting in Nigeria generally with its solid history and information about the old and new shakers of airwaves in the country.

In due course, a web radio will be included to provide a variety of programmes.

Spaces are available for adverts.

Current Nigeria promises to be vibrant. So, stay tuned.